l e  s e l e r e

Camera Silvano
15060 Bosio (AL) ITALY
(+39) 0143-68.41.79


d o l c e t t o  d i  o v a d a
s u p e r i o r e 

Denominazione di origine controllata

Obtained from grapes of Dolcetto variety harvested in our vineyard "Selere", it gains itself the  title of “superiore” thanks to a period of 1 year-old aging in oak barrels. 
Wine of  intense ruby red colour  verging to brick tonality.
Structured and long-lived, has a dry, delicate and well-balanced taste, with  mature fruit and spice aroma,  full and slightly bitter flavour. 
Winey aroma, fruity. 
It combines with white and red meats, salamis and with aged cheeses. 
To be served at a temperature between 16° and 18° C. in a wide wine glass. 
Alcoholic content 13,5% vol. 

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